HTMA in a Week! PDF

A 22 page jam-packed guide to interpreting and understanding HTMA Results, building food-first protocols, and using HTMA and the NAQ together!


What is HTMA? Lesson

A concise video lesson to learn exactly what you can and cannot learn from HTMA testing & why it matters!

With "HTMA in a Week", you'll be able to...

-Interpret HTMA results by focusing on 4 main aspects of the test

-Determine the best dietary strategy each client and exactly what to focus on from a food-first perspective

-Structure your consultations to use the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, an Intake Interview, and HTMA results.

-Use the client's symptoms and HTMA results together to create truly bio-individual protocols.

-Identify digestion, blood sugar, and stress indicators in HTMA results.

- Validate your clients top health concerns by showing them how they are related to mineral imbalances.

With the video lesson "What is HTMA"...

-You’ll know exactly what you can and cannot learn from an HTMA test. 

 -You'll understand why hair is more useful than blood for testing minerals and heavy metals.  

-You’ll understand 7 factors that affect mineral and heavy metal levels.  

-You’ll learn 4 of the most important factors to consider with HTMA interpretation.  

-You’ll be able to address one of the most common misconceptions about HTMA lab testing.  

& more!

 Hey! I'm Jensen!

& I accidentally stumbled on a gold mine when I added Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to my practice.

As soon as I went from offering broad nutrition consultations to creating bio-individual protocols based off of personal lab results, everything changed!

#1: My clients felt validated when I showed them how their top health concerns correlated with their HTMA results, which made them so much more compliant!

#2: I was able to easily turn 'free advice seekers' into paying clients because I needed to review HTMA results before I felt confident making any recommendations!

#3: I stopped worrying about "niche-ing down"  because HTMA was beneficial and affordable enough for everyone!

This is why I'm on a mission to simplify HTMA and teach practitioners how to use this foundational test as a baseline for every client so you know exactly what to prioritize to help them get results! 

Minerals are complicated, HTMA doesn't have to be!

I'll show you inside!